Diversified Laboratory Repair®

Our Go Green Campaign

As part of Trane Technologies, Diversified Laboratory Repair® shares your desire to play a positive role in helping to maintain the environment and its precious resources. We are committed to making responsible decisions to promote and protect our Earth. Join our Green Team! You can help by following a few simple tips:

Diversified Laboratory Repair works to support the efforts of My Green Lab.  We all know laboratories consume a lot of energy and water. The goal of My Green Lab is to decrease lab-related energy and water consumption, and your operating expenses.

Please help us better understand the type of equipment used in your lab and what opportunities you see for energy and water efficiency. Your input is invaluable – you are the only one who knows how your lab operates, and your insights into how it might operate more efficiently will allow us to develop financial incentives and services to help you do so. Thank you in advance for your time!