Diversified Laboratory Repair®

What We Do

24-Hour Emergency Service Available On Your Laboratory Equipment

We are available around the clock to assist you with your equipment emergencies.  We are able to dispatch an experienced and fully-trained service engineer to meet all of your requests for service effectively and in a timely manner. 

GMP/GLP Preventive Maintenance Services

Investing in the maintenance of your laboratory equipment will extend the life of the unit and reduce avoidable system failures.

Well maintained equipment will run more efficiently, therefore decreasing utility consumption while prolonging the life of the unit.  A Preventive Maintenance Program will provide inspections at regular intervals throughout the year to actively address any concerns. At each inspection, a PM document and Inspection Report will be provided for your maintenance records.

Calibration Services

DLR service engineers are able to offer calibration services for your laboratory equipment.  We are able to perform calibration services on temperature, RH, CO2, O2, RPM, time, and Vacuum.  Our instrumentation is annually calibrated to NIST standards by an accredited laboratory.

Equipment Rental Program

To help you adjust to the changing requirements in your laboratory we are able to provide rental units for your short or long-term needs.  For care-free service, consider that all units under our rental program include full service coverage for maintenance and repairs.  Please contact our office for a price quotation and to check availability of the size, voltage and temperature of the unit you require.

Inside Delivery Services

To help ease your new equipment receiving troubles you may choose to have your new equipment shipped directly to us! We are available to receive, inspect for damage and test run your unit. Our staff will contact you to schedule the date and time to deliver the unit directly into your laboratory, set up, and verify all of the settings for your convenience.

Custom Walk-In Installations

Contact DLR’s Project Management team to discuss your specific requirements to buildout a new walk-in chamber.   We can provide design and installation services to best utilize your space and meet your specifications of temperature, humidity, and storage requirements.  Walk-in chamber retrofit services are also available.

Installation Services

Allow DLR to perform the installation of your new laboratory equipment.  Our team is available to coordinate the delivery (if necessary), facility connections, start-up operation, and initial training for your equipment.

Relocation Services

Local or across the country, Diversified Laboratory Repair (DLR) is available to assist you in relocating your laboratory equipment and temperature sensitive samples.  DLR relocation services can be customized to meet your specific project requirements for relocating an entire lab or just one unit.  Contact our office for more information and a personalized quotation.

Technical Assistance

Our experienced staff is always willing and able to assist you with questions regarding your equipment operation and application. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.


Let us share our knowledge with you! Our factory trained service engineers are available to perform new equipment training sessions at your facility. Please contact our office for more information and a personalized quotation.

Validation Services – Operational Qualification/Temperature Mapping

Enhance Your Quality Systems with a documented program that provides a high degree of assurance that your equipment will provide temperature uniformity throughout the unit to meet predetermined acceptance criteria.   Utilizing our instrumentation and existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), DLR can perform temperature mapping, Installation Qualification, Operating Qualification, and Performance Qualification.  Please contact our office for more information.

Steam Generator Descales

Maintenance of your Steam Generator is necessary to ensure proper operation and improve efficiency.  Descaling services meet the manufacturer’s recommendations of proper maintenance to prolong the life of your equipment.

Yearly Boiler Inspection Prep

DLR will Open/Close boiler for state boiler inspections. We will prepare boiler for inspection and once it is completed, close up boiler and return the unit to service.

Autoclaves/Sterilizers BSL1 – BSL GMP

DLR services all manufacturers of autoclaves from General lab BSL1 to Containment BSL3 effluent units. We also service GMP/CGMP production units, to include table tops, freestanding industrial, to bulk units.

Ice Maker Descaling and Sanitization

Your ice machine should be cleaned and sanitized at least once every six months for efficient operation and safety. This maintenance process requires a cleaning procedure to remove lime, scale, and mineral deposits, followed by a sanitizing procedure to disinfect the unit.